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Simplified IP Video Surveillance Software

Managing your system doesn't have to be a headache!

Video Insight is the most user friendly video management software to date

Just because you have a large system doesn't mean that it has to be difficult to manage. Video Insight's IP video management software can handle an entire district of schools as easily as it can a convenience store and was designed for use by people outside of the security industry.

Tailor-made for single or multi-facility system networks

Every system includes a robust set of extra features at no additional cost

  • Supports over 1,800 camera models from 80+ brands
  • Facility floor plan based system navigation
  • Easy, step-by-step wizards for installation & configuration
  • Easily view live & recorded video footage
  • Software menu system modeled after Microsoft Office
  • Expandable to support an unlimited number of cameras
  • Create custom event based triggers for instant alerts
  • Configure all servers, user permissions, & cameras from one location
  • Stay connected remotely with your iPhone / Android smartphone

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Our engineers will design a powerful, yet affordable, system to your needs

From a single location to a multi-system network, our expert security consultants are passionate about building the system that's right for your application. Our turnkey surveillance solutions are designed, built, and installed by our experienced staff with your needs in mind. Get in touch today to get your project off the ground.

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Hooters Restaurants

"We couldn't be happier with the cameras, servers, software, and technical support that we have gotten from Virtual Surveillance!"

J. Hall, Director of Information Technology, Hooters Management Corporation

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Keep your entire system network at your fingertips anywhere in the World!

Video Insight offers multiple viewing options so you can see your cameras on any device

Monitoring Station

  • Supports 1,800 camera models
  • View 144 cameras on one system
  • Automatic Alarm Monitoring
  • User friendly software design
  • Manage all servers from one location

Web-Based Client

  • Can manage 2,000+ cameras
  • Zoom into video for more details
  • Quick search through an image timeline
  • Facility map based navigation
  • View your system in any web browser

Video Insight Mobile

  • View on your smartphone or tablet
  • View live & recorded video footage
  • E-mail image snapshots
  • Automatically import all of your systems
  • Free app for your Apple / Android

Video Insight is the smart choice for your IP video management solution

There isn't a more feature-rich, comprehensive, or affordable management software on the market today!

Floor Plan System Navigation

An image of your facility is uploaded to the system so that cameras can be dragged and dropped into their position around your location.

  • Allows for more intuitive navigation
  • Quick placement of cameras around your building
  • View live & recorded footage in a pop-up window
  • Create multiple layers for different floors
  • Link multiple layers together for building navigation

System Installation & Configuration

Getting your system up and running is usually the most daunting aspect of implementing a security system.

However, Video Insight's IP video management software comes with user friendly, step-by-step software wizards that help guide you through the process with a minimal learning curve. Adding a new camera is a breeze with its auto discovery feature.

Managing users, changing settings, and administrating the software is simple with its Microsoft Office inspired menu system.

System Automation

Displaying video footage is the most important aspect of your security system, but what happens when no one is watching? Video Insight's robust Rule Manager helps your system run itself.

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step rule creation
  • Create simple or multi-step triggers & actions
  • Capture snapshots & send via e-mail
  • Can automatically sound an alarm on triggered action
  • Set up to record automatically upon motion detection

Camera Brands Supported

Video Insight's software currently supports a comprehensive list of over 1,800 security cameras from 80+ well known brands.

The completely frees you to use your existing cameras, pick & choose the camera that's right for your location, and expand your system regardless of the brand. Features include in software PTZ control, two-way audio support, and motion detection among many others.

Each release of the software has an updated list of newly added cameras and brands to give you the latest camera options for your system.

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