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Virginia Beach Security Cameras

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CCTV Security Camera Systems in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach Video Security & Surveillance Solutions

The 41st largest city in the United States is Virginia Beach, with a population of an estimated 440,415 residents according 2008 US census estimates, Virginia Beach is also the highest populated city in Virginia. Known for its refreshing nature as a resort city, Virginia Beach is home to many different extravagant beachfronts, resturaunts, hotels, and other types of attractions. Based in the city is the annual Neptune Festival and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

Virginia Beach is known for its many retail establishments and malls. Surveillance systems can been used in malls for many applications such as keeping guests safe, deter and prevent theft. This can help security officials monitor establishments more effectively by having multiple views. CCTV security cameras paired with digital video recorders (DVRs) can help make residents and business owners feel secure and safe.

Virginia Beach, the most populous city in the state, began utilizing CCTV security cameras in 1993, placing cameras along over 20 blocks of beachfront property. The security cameras are mounted on street light poles and enclosed in weatherproof spherical cases. Virginia Beach has also started using facial recognition software in conjunction with their CCTV surveillance systems, making it the only city in the U.S to combine both technologies to increase the security level throughout the city.

We offer CCTV camera installs in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area:

Why Should You Invest in a Virginia Beach Surveillance System?

  • Reduce theft and inventory shrinkage
  • Mitigate your liability risk
  • Increase employee and store productivity
  • Improve customer experience
  • Deter crime and vandalism
  • View and manage your solution remotely

Commercial Grade Virginia Beach Security Cameras

Our professional grade video surveillance systems offer the latest in surveillance and video analytics. Our systems have been installed across the nation for many of the Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. With state of the art analytics, security personnel can capture and analyze video images according to specific criteria, pre-defined rules, and behavioral triggers to increase efficiency and reduce reliance on human factors.

Expert Design, Installation, & Service

We offer professional installation services for security cameras and access control systems. From affordable small business CCTV surveillance solutions to large-scale enterprise IP security applications and fully integrated video security and access control systems. We offer a 2 year warranty for all of our products and we stand behind our equipment and services. Give us a call today at 866-424-9070 for a free estimate and site survey.

We also offer services to the following cities near Virginia Beach

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