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Virtual Surveillance Hits the Surveillance Expo Circuit

The Virtual Surveillance team is hitting the road! We have already attended and exhibited at one expo this year and plan on taking the new booth to at least 7 more.

If you plan on coming out to any of the below builder or restaurant conferences, please stop by our booth and say hi. We will have our demo rig available so expo attendees can play with all the cool toys.

Virtual Surveillance Expo Booth

Dallas Build Expo

February 12-13, 2014 | Dallas

We had a great time at the 2014 Dallas Build Expo! We met with several attendees, let them play with the CCTV demo rig, answered all their questions, and shared several interesting stories. We’ll be back next year, for sure.

National Restaurant Association Expo

May 17-20, 2014 | Chicago

Boasting attendance of more than 61 thousand foodservice professionals from more than 100 countries, the NRA Expo is one of the largest conferences of its kind. As a result, Chicago will come alive May 17-20th with dining decision makers, and the VS team will be there to answer the hard questions that come up when business owners and managers are faced with the challenges of securing heavy-traffic’d facilities with numerous staff members.

Learn more about the NRA Expo

Houston Build expo

June 11-12, 2014 | Houston, TX

We won’t be attending any of the 30+ builder seminars at the 2014 Houston Build Expo, but we will be talking with contractors about their security and access control needs on the expo floor. Attending? Stop by and say hi! Brian and Jonathan will be able to answer any of your questions. We’ll be the big blue booth with a transparent cyborg in the background.

Texas Restaurant Association Marketplace Expo

June 22-23, 2014 | Houston, TX

The TRA Marketplace convention, the largest of it’s kind in the area, brings thousands of restaurant and foodservice professionals together for two days of networking, education, buying, and selling. We hope to meet with owners and managers to discuss today’s security needs in their stores. Have they transitioned to IP? Do they plan to? What questions can we answer that they have been wanting to ask?

Learn more about the TRA Marketplace

New Jersey Build Expo

July 9-10, 2014 | New Jersey

Jonathan and Carlos will be out in New Jersey representing Virtual Surveillance at the New Jersey Build Expo in July. These guys know their stuff and will be showing off some of the cool technology our portable demo rig brings to the table. Of course, they will also be answering any questions builders and contractors might have about CCTV systems for new and old construction. If you’re attending, make sure to stop by!

Sunbelt Builder Show

July 23-24, 2014 | San Antonio

Taking the tour down to San Antonio, we will have an awesome booth at the 2014 Sunbelt Builder Show. The conference promises “a forward-thinking and fresh look at the construction industry, design, new products, and the latest in lifestyle trends,” and we look forward to talking with builders and contractors to see how these new trends support access control and security system integration. Hopefully we can offer some great ideas and learn a lot about where the future of the industry is heading.

New York Build Expo

October 1-2, 2014 | New York

Ah, the big apple! One of the larger conferences, the 2014 New York Build Expo in October will probably be a little cold for us Texas boys, but we’ll be there. The tone of this conference is expected to lean a little towards the industrial side, so we will be fully prepared to discuss securing large construction projects with surveillance and access control solutions. Don’t miss this one if you’re in the Northeast.

Brian Merritt

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