WDR Cameras Are Great! What’s Inside Them?

There is no question that IP cameras offer higher resolution than analog choices, however, analog has a couple of unique features.  The most notable is the WDR feature.  Wide Dynamic Range has evolved and offers great results.  In the past, analog cameras depended on, and still do, a processor called DSP.  Digital Signal Processor, simply defined – conversion of an analog to digital signal for image viewing.  Now, with the added processing of WDR cameras which scans the same frame twice, once by a slow sensor, and then again by a high speed sensor, the benefits are as follows.  Wide Dynamic Range cameras like many of the Sony Effio series offers technology that compensates for bright background and low light conditions, producing clear, low noise images with good contrast.  If your application calls for lots of direct sunlight or varying light conditions throughout the day, you may consider investing in a WDR analog camera.

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