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What are Layered Video Security Systems?

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching surveillance systems for your business, you’ve probably come across the term Layered Video Security System or 360° Surveillance Solution. These terms refer to multiple specialized security measures working in concert with one another to provide a level of comprehensive protection that could not be achieved if they stood on their own.

The intent behind these types of security systems is to have multiple layers of security in order to deter potential thieves and unauthorized personnel from gaining access to your building earlier, but to also implement multiple “choke-points”, both literal and figurative, to help your security teams identify and defuse potential threats before they become a problem.

The key features of these systems that make them more than the sum of their parts is the operational intelligence and enhanced visibility they provide that can’t be achieved by putting more boots on the ground. Multi-installation monitoring, management, and forensic analysis can be performed from a central location that aids in reducing your security team response time, secures your company’s bottom line, and keeps both your employees, inventory, and sensitive company assets safe and secure.

Perimeter Security

Your outermost layer is the most responsible for keeping unauthorized personnel, criminals, and unwanted guests from stepping foot on your property and the most effective method for securing your perimeter has changed little since the Dark Ages. The Wall. Yes, there are many additional facets that factor into perimeter security, but its fundamental building block begins and ends with a tall, sturdy fence or wall that encircles your property. If your fence is flimsy and more porous than Swiss Cheese, the rest of your perimeter security system matters little.

Erecting a fence or wall at the edges of your location will funnel every visitor through one or two designated entrances and exits where you can bolster the security with the addition of gates, guardhouses, bollards, security cameras, and access control to act as your first choke point and ensure that the personnel on your property belong there. Those enterprising individuals that buck convention and scale your fence expose themselves and their intent on your property.

Video Security Cameras

There is a lot of ground to cover between perimeter fence and your building and rather than having roving security guards, high definition IP cameras with night vision functionality and weatherproof casings are an invaluable alternative that does not tire, need lunch-breaks, and is always vigilant regardless of the weather, time of day, or their general mood on a particular day. Video security camera technology has improved immensely over the last decade and there are a variety of cameras that capture crystal clear video in any weather and lighting conditions in video resolutions that greatly exceed true high definition (1080p).

Having surveillance cameras installed in visible positions around your location will passively deter crime on your property, greatly enhance your security team’s visibility, and provide video evidence in the unfortunate event that forensic analysis is needed which will both absolve your business of liability and facilitate insurance claim resolution. Security cameras are also well-suited for securing indoor environments as well as they can be used to monitor foot traffic, monitor sensitive areas of your operations, integrate with your access control system for facial detection, and much, much more.

Access Control

Similar to your fence, access control systems are a vital video security system layer as they quite literally refuse access to anyone and everyone that does not have an active card that matches the authorization level of the card reader. Having a card reader or keypad at every non-visitor entrance to your building will keep unauthorized personnel out of sensitive operational areas of your business and provide an insurmountable roadblock for any would-be thieves attempting to break into your building after-hours.

Our access control solutions also come with a robust management software that allows you to remotely lock/unlock doors, integrate with payroll to calculate employee compensation, and create numerous behavior triggered alerts and alarms.

When it comes to securing your business, the more layers you can implement the more secure your investment will be. If you have any questions about layered video security systems and if they’re right for your business, please don’t hesitate to call us at 866-424-9070 or request a callback to speak with one of our expert security consultants for an obligation free needs analysis.

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