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What is Video Management Software?

Video Management Software, or VMS, provides the platform for video monitoring, analysis, recording, and operation of your IP video security system. VMS software can come pre-installed on your network video recorder (NVR), bundled with network IP cameras from specific brands, or as an open platform software solution that’s purchased in addition to your hardware and installed / configured by an integrator. Which one you use depends solely upon the size and complexity of your surveillance system as well as the versatility needed to manage your day-to-day security operations.

How Do I Know if I Need a VMS Solution?

Generally speaking, if you have a small number of cameras or are only managing a single security system, the proprietary VMS software that comes pre-installed on your NVR or bundled with your IP cameras will most likely be sufficient for your needs provided you are not integrating an access control or license plate recognition (LPR) camera system. When your system becomes more complex with the addition of access control, LPR cameras, or multiple locations, we strongly encourage you to look into open platform NVR software solutions like Video Insight or Milestone to help manage your video security operations.

Why Should I Use an Open Platform VMS?

Proprietary software could also be considered “closed platform” and is often engineered in such a way that it’s only compatible with hardware sold by the same brand, meaning that if you buy an NVR from brand ‘x’, you can only use IP cameras, access control, etc. that you’ve also purchased from brand ‘x’. While this may not sound like a problem on the surface, fast forward a few years. Is brand ‘x’ still in business? Can you still buy their products? Do you want to add access control to one of your locations but they don’t offer it?

Before you invest in an IP video surveillance system, be it open or closed platform, there are some questions you need answered to ensure the longevity of your security solution.

Open platform software solutions like Video Insight and Milestone endlessly scale with your business’s security needs as your company grows, are compatible with 2,000+ IP camera models from 80+ brands, and seamlessly integrate your IP video security cameras with your access control and LPR camera systems as well as your building’s existing infrastructure. They also come with a robust rule manager that allows you to customize behavior-based alerts and automate aspects of your business’s daily operation.

These meticulously designed, easy-to-use software interfaces were built to be used by people outside of the security industry with floor plan system navigation, quick search functionality, automatic software updates, drag and drop camera placement, step-by-step configuration wizards, on-screen camera control, and so much more.

Our open platform software solutions can be tailored to suit your security needs from a single camera for a convenience store all the way to multi-system, multi-location solutions with an unlimited number of cameras for enterprise corporations. If you have any questions about video management software and if it’s right for you, please don’t hesitate to speak with one of our VMS experts by calling 866-424-9070 for a hassle-free, no obligation security consultation or by visiting our Video Insight or Milestone pages for more information.

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