Why Consider Access Control for Your Business?

Some business owners use access control entry systems to cover all exterior doors, thus keeping unwanted people out. However, some business owners find they need a door access control system only within certain areas of the business to restrict / permit access. Access Control allows you to identify when each employee enters and exits different areas of the building. There are several different types of security access control systems to meet your business needs. When considering a door access control system, make sure to consider the three levels of access control options:

1. Card controlled access systems
2. Keypad access control & security systems
3. Biometric fingerprint access control systems

Card access controlled systems access control tag

There are many great uses for card controlled access to protect specific areas inside your business as well as the entire facility. In my experience, I’ve seen several uses for access control in departmental authorizations, such as shipping/receiving, money room, computer room, and customer/employee records. Basically, any sensitive area is an excellent target for individual card-controlled access.

Keypad access control & security systemsaccess control keypad

Keypad access control systems don’t require your employees to keep up with cards or security badges. However, they do require your employees to have a pin number to gain entry to your business. If you part ways with an employee or need to change a security access code, keypad access control systems allow you to immediately change your secure pin, without having to wait for a returned card or badge.

Biometric fingerprint access control systemsaccess control fingerprint reader

Biometric controlled entry systems aren’t as cost effective as the preceding solutions, but they’re the most secure if your situation requires top-notch security. These systems are usually expensive, but ultimately worth the high cost when it comes to protecting sensitive information. Biometric access control and security systems scan your employees’ fingerprints to ensure that employee has clearance to enter high security areas of your business – no cards or keypads are required. These solutions are highly popular in government applications, casinos, banks, etc.

Regardless of your business model or scale of security, you can always find ways to utilize access control to increase security of your business for employee and business safety.

  1. FieldTechGuyMarch 13, 2012   

    Bio- metric systems are great to have but require a lot a data and information to be uptained from the enduser as well as thier work force. I personally like the combo readers that allow you to scan you card and enter a code to gain access.

  2. JimMarch 24, 2012   

    We use the keypad access control at our location and it works great! The great part, is that we require keypad access during normal business hours and then after hours, it is keypad + card/fob access to get in for extra security.

  3. JonathanApril 11, 2012   

    Great explanations of the three levels of access control systems.

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