Why should I upgrade to IP security cameras?

The surveillance market as we know is moving to the world of IP cameras and devices. IP is the latest and greatest technology out there at the moment in terms of surveillance. Often times I am asked for some of the advantages of moving into IP. I wanted to touch base on a few points.

Access – Advantage Number 1

IP cameras can be as open or closed as needed. You have the ability to access live images remotely and remote administration of a network camera is possible from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

Quality – Advantage Number 2

A digital picture is created using Motion-JPEG. Once it is created, the image is free from degradation. Each frame captured within a video stream is sharp. The advantage of going to digital IP cameras is that  MegaPixel cameras offer as much as 10 times the resolution and images do not lose quality in transmission or storage.

Cost-effective – Advantage Number 3

On average a network cable typically cost 30-40% less than your standard rg59 or rg6 coax cable. Better quality and having the ability to stretch cable runs further already makes it  more cost effective than its analog counterpart. Often times an Ip-based network is already in place within a  home or business. Do you have a computer with internet access?

These are just a few points on IP network cameras. As the IP camera craze grows we will see increased complexity and intelligence at the camera-level which will allow for more effective methods of surveillance than analogue systems.

  1. Anthony FostMay 24, 2011   

    Ethernet cable is also a whole lot thinner than RG59. This can prove to be very helpful when running cable in conduit.

  2. CCTV-TECH-GUYJune 11, 2011   

    If you have not at least tried an IP camera keep in mind that you do not have to invest in an entire system to benifit from the advantage it has over a standard Analog system. Some cameras come with all the parts needed to be able to view, record, and use. On and anlog camera you need cables and a DVR just to be able to use the key features.

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