Why Use H.264?

If you have been looking into purchasing a security system for your home or business, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. With so many choices, including the obvious like, how many cameras, black and white versus color cameras, low light or IR and the like, some of the more important technical aspects might slip through the cracks.

The thing that most people want for their system is clarity of image and to be able to save the recorded images long enough that if there is an incident, they can go back and review it before it is recorded over with new video. To help with these two factors, you need to look at what kind of compression technology your DVR is using. There are several types being used in the market today including MPEG-4, JPEG and H.264. If you are looking for the latest and greatest, you will be choosing a system with H.264. Here are a few advantages to H.264 compared to earlier compression technology.

  1. More recording time on the same size HDD. H.264 is so advanced, that in some cases, it can double the recording time you get versus previous technology.
  2. Improved image quality especially when viewing your recordings remotely. This technology has allowed for more fluid video and if you are using audio with your system, they will look like they fit together. This was a big problem in the past.

Now with all new advances in technology there are usually some drawbacks and this technology is no different. H.264 required a lot more processing by your computer and capture card and may drag your system down as compared to other compression codec’s. So if you are using it be sure your processor is up to the task.

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