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Wired Or Wireless, That Is The Question

Wireless technology is becoming more and more prevalent these days. Security cameras are no exception. Presently, various wireless cameras are available to consumers, and as the technology develops, the variety of wireless cameras available will increase.

Although wireless cameras are a new technology, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best or most convenient. The newness of the technology creates the illusion of ease and reliability.

The actual hardware installation of wireless cameras definitely involves less work since there are no video cable runs involved; however, connectivity reliability is low. Point blank, wireless is wireless. Similar to cell phone reception, signal interference is a major factor. This is due to all the other wireless devices that are out there in operation.

Low connectivity is a definite risk factor. The connectivity reliability of security cameras is important, especially when security is being threatened. Low connectivity reliability could lead to a successful crime, or a case overturned in court due to a lack of evidence. If the reliability of the cameras is low, their existence is unjustified.

In the short run, it may seem as if going wireless may seem easier, but in the long term, a cabled system is more reliable and less painful despite the extra work involved with the cable runs.

Brian Merritt

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  1. Anthony Fost on March 2, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Wireless cameras should only be used indoors. There’s too much interference out there for outdoor use.

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