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Wireless: Only if absolutely Necessary.

With technology changes occurring daily, you would think that the wireless solution for CCTV cameras would have come around by now. Well, in reality, it has come a long way. Just not as far as some would have liked. If you are looking into a CCTV system and are thinking about wireless, there are still many things to consider.

First of all, if there is anyway that you can use a wired system, use it. One thing to remember is, you still have to power the camera and if you are powering it from a central point why not just have the second wire pulled and be done with it. And if you are using IP cameras, you are using Cat5 cable that will power the camera anyway. If you must use wireless cameras, and have a way to power the camera locally, there are a couple of things to remember. Most wireless cameras are designed to connect at a range of up to 100’ LOS (Line of Site). And remember, if you are trying to go through walls, that signal could be reduced by 25-50% depending on the type of construction. Well in most cases, just that restriction will make most people reevaluate the wireless camera. If not, there is one other thing I tell people, and that is how reliable is wireless? Well have you ever been watching a TV problem on satellite or cable during a weather storm? Need I say more?

Well, the good news is, if you do have a legitimate reason to go wireless, there is technology that can help. But keep in mind, you still must have power at the camera to use it. There are several models of Long Range Antennas on the market. The ones I have used and are familiar with will carry the signal .62-1.86 Miles. Now that should get the job done for most applications. Just remember, there is cost involved with this solution, but if it is a necessity, it might just be worth it.

Brian Merritt

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