Wireless Security Cameras = Future Company Growth

Some companies take on change while others resist it.  Does anyone remember Eckerd’s drug stores?  If not, I don’t blame you.  Resistance to change is what ended Eckerd’s run as a strong force in the drug store market.  Meanwhile, taking on change helped keep Walgreens alive, with the addition of the drive through pharmacy, among many other things.  The point is, change is inevitable.  Simply put:

You can either change and progress, or resist change and fade away.


source: www.activerain.com

One area that is often discussed in the security camera market is wired vs. wireless security cameras.  Customers want wireless.  Installers want wireless.  Dealers want wireless. 

Question: What are RELIABLE and COST-EFFECTIVE wireless solutions?

Short answer: Hard to find.

They are becoming more readily available with time, but this is a change that WILL happen.  It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

wireless security cameraBeing in the security camera industry for almost 6 years, I have not been too pleased with the variety of QUALITY wireless solutions available, analog or IP, until the past year.  This area promises significant growth in the coming years, since we are continually moving towards a wireless world.  Could you imagine your iPhone, Android device, Blackberry, or iPad being wired to another device?  Basically, NOT wireless?  Absolutely not!  This is the mindset that most end users are thinking with, as we are becoming a more wireless society.  On the dealer and installer side, there are some significant profit advantages to wireless security camera solutions, as well, such as ease of installation, increased range and reduced human resources.

Ease of Installation: Wireless solutions offer an ease of installation, when compared to wired solutions.  This can reduce the amount of time that installers are on the premises, making for less interruptions and a happier customer.

Increased Range: Wireless camera solutions offer an increased range, when compared to wired solutions. This can allow you to cover larger premises that previous wired solutions may not have been able to handle.  The increased range of wireless will allow installers to handle 30-40 foot ceilings, cement walls and multi-tenant installs, among many others.

Reduced Human Resources: Wireless solutions require a reduced amount of human resources, when compared to wired solutions.  Since there is no cable pulling, line testing, etc., this will allow installation companies to have more installers at more sites.

Here’s to wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success in 2012!

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